The process

We realize potential
Proven methods and efficient
processes based on solid
experience and expertise

Over the many years we have been active in Asia we have developed and refined very effective process control methods. These are built on experience and have been developed to assure quality from development to continuous serial production. If you already have experience of production in a low-cost country, such as China, you will undoubtedly understand the benefits and importance of this assurance!


  • Application evaluation
  • Preparation of drawings and
      production instructions
  • Translation of production documentation into Chinese
  • Factory visits/discussion
  • Feedback


  • Orders/contracts
  • Tool production
  • Off tool samples
  • Quality inspection of products
  • Function tests
  • Approval by customer


  • Tool modification and/or updates to drawings 
  • Pre production
  • Quality inspection and performance tests
  • Delivery/export
  • Approval by customer


  • Tool modification and/or updates to drawings
  • Mass production
  • Continuous quality inspection and performance tests
  • Customizing packing and deliveries
  • Delivery/export
  • Product and/or production development

Logistics management

Through our own logistics management we can offer better control, time savings and greater flexibility on packing and shipping services. Consignments can be split close to the point of manufacture and sent directly to different recipients across the globe instead of being routed through a European logistics hub. Our flexible solutions can also, for instance, adapt to changing delivery rates and customised packaging needs.

technical management

Over the years we have developed a process that has a high focus on technical knowlegde for production and quality assurance. For industrial production the success is depending on the understanding of the differences between production in Europe and Asia. Two of the key factors are the translation of technical,  and quality control documentation related to each project.

In-house Testing
for all eventualities

The inspections and tests we perform at our facilities in Cixi play an important role in all of the process steps. It starts already in feasibility studies where we evaluate possible samples from present products and systems. It brings us through verification on off tools samples via pre-production verification to secure the quality on running production.