Product areas


Full service or targeted efforts. Check Point Group’s focus is on providing a “one-stop shop” for quality-assured systems produced in Asia. But thanks to well-established facilities and processes we can also offer those who have already established purchasing or production in Asia the opportunity to use individual elements from our range of knowledge.

We are specialists in the below business areas and especially when they are in combination with complex solutions. If the request has other contents, we are ready to evaluate the possibility to develop further knowledge to support the development of your system solution.


Customized high efficiency solutions for the modern market. With the combination of our wide range of manufacturing units and electronic quality- and performance test centre for electrical and optoelectronic testing, we have an outstanding setup for development projects.


With the combination of traditional mechanical manufacturing – the foundation of Check Point China – and the location in Cixi with high focus on smart dynamic solutions we have a very strong setup for Drive and motion control, where customized sensor solutions are integrated in the assemblies.



Where there is motion, there is also a need for control. This is why we have developed the electronic control panel solution assemblies as focus area, in order to be a complete solution provider. By integrating the control system solutions, we can strengthen our problem-solving relationship with our customers.


Over the years of working with mechanics we have gained the experience of fine-tuning the production methods, materials, tools and manufacturing processes to the extent that WE NOW ARE ABLE TO HAVE CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS AND DEVELOPMENT IN COOPERATION WITH OUR CUSTOMERS.


As a result of more complex products in our projects we opened Cixi Anderui manufacturing during 2017. The assembly is now a natural extension of our offer and a welcome business development for our customers. In this area where the other business areas are combined to get a more dynamic solution, our quality- and performance testing is essential.

By using the assembly services at our facilities in China you get more than just a cost-efficient solution. It also means a considerably firm grip on quality management issues. Our assembly staff meet the standards of European demands and ways of working. We can also increase production inspections and function and performance tests to minimise the risk of future quality problems.